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Mobile Data Terminal with 7’’ Touch Panel
?Capacitive Multi-Touch
?Comply with IP64 Standard, dust & water-proof
?High-speed Freescale CPU inside;?
?Wide powerer voltage;?
?Keyboard or Mouse supports;?
?Strong vibration resistance;?
?USB Host 2.0×1, USB Device 2.0×1;?
?RS232×4 / RS232×3, RS485×1 / RS232×2, RS422×1, RS485×1?
?GPIO input×4, GPIO output×6 ?
?Optional: GPS (external), Camera 5.0M (built-in), 
?Bluetooth & Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (built-in), 
?3G (built-in), CAN×2, Battery 220



Freescale-I.MX53X Solution
Using industrial-grade embedded platform, the system is stable and reliable, with rich interfaces.
Wireless communication, GPS navigation, fault detection, video acquisition and other functions, extensible to provide users with a powerful vehicle-mounted mobile multimedia information systems.
It can be widely used in personal entertainment, emergency command, transportation scheduling, mobile office, multimedia advertising, industrial control and other fields.

Comply with IP64 Standard, dust & water-proof;
High-speed Freescale CPU inside;
Wide power voltage 9-36V;
Keyboard or Mouse supports;
Strong vibration resistance;
USB Host 2.0×1, USB Device 2.0×1
RS232×4 / RS232×3, RS485×1 / RS232×2, RS422×1, RS485×1;
GPIO input×4, GPIO output×6.

Information Display
Digital Signage
Advertising Terminal
Service Kiosk
Industrial Control
Equipment Matching
In-Home Control Device
Smart Energy Application
Security & Surveillance
General Communication
Distance Data Acquisition
Basic A/V Player
Navigation System
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